Molfetta City

The City

A land with an enviable geographical position linking the Adriatic Coast and the hinterland

Molfetta (60,000 inhabitants) is in the heart of the Adriatic coast of Apulia. It is a municipality of the Metropolitan City of Bari. Molfetta is well connected to major transport networks: the A14 highway is only 10 minutes away from the International Airport of Bari, “Karol Wojtyla,” which is in turn connected to the main Adriatic railway of Trenitalia.


The beauty of this land and its enviable geographic location, in-between the hinterland and the coast, has always enabled it to be active. Its agricultural vocation is still flourishing, especially the production of extra virgin olive oil and other typical crops of the area such as the “pointed chicory” of Molfetta (patented in 2015). It already had started to develop itself in the eighteenth century with a significant interest for the manufacturing industry. From the Borbonic Nitrary, a gunpowder factory established at the bottom of the Pulo doline whose traces are still visible today, to the still active shipyards, Molfetta is remembered as the “Manchester of Apulia”, since the mid-800s already, because of a skyline full of chimneys (behind the railway station) and of the intense maritime traffic.

In recent times, it was able to unite the indelible charm of the past to the technological development and industrial expertise, thus now (as in the past) playing a major role in the national and international manufacturing industry. In particular, the mechanical precision, driven by the growth of workshops specialized in repairing boat engines, plays an important role in this recent evolution process, thanks to the industrial area and recent partnerships with Italian and foreign universities in terms of research and development.

The overall view of the city’s economical development is concentrated in the PIP&ASI area, north of the city, an industrial and commercial center with industries specialized in mechanical precision, design, food products and manufacturing, amongst which big names and franchises as well as large local businesses.

An ideal place for developing new business opportunities.