Culinary Arts

Culinary Arts

The true mediterranean taste

The typical gastronomic preparations of the Molfetta cuisine celebrate the climate, the colors, the scents of the Mediterranean. Handmade pasta, legumes, vegetables, fruit, lots of fish and little meat and a good extra virgin olive oil are the ingredients used in the recipes.

A typical festive dish is a sauce made with a horsemeat “brascioele” stuffed with Canestrato Pugliese pecorino cheese, bacon, parsley and a hint of garlic and pepper. Other typical ingredients of Molfettese gastronomy are vegetables: turnip tops, chicory, wild herbs, indigenous wild onions, wild cardoon and oyster mushrooms. Examples of legumes include the famous favette, or broad beans, shelled, cooked and mashed

Molfetta boasts a fantastic fish-based cuisine. Octopus can be enjoyed raw after it is “curled”. It, along with anchovies, fantastic seafood, and famous fish soups, are the staples of Molfettese cooking. A poor but tasty dish is the “cembotte”, a fish soup that was originally the fare of fishermen.

We should not forget the calzone, with sponsale a special kind of onion available in the region, fried fish and olives and cooked in a wood-fired oven. But the real star of Apulian cuisine is the extra virgin olive oil, an irreplaceable healthy condiment suitable for any type of culinary preparation.

An aspect not to be underestimated is the art of confectionery. Among the various desserts, worthy of mention are carteddate, a puff pastry flavored with cooked must made with figs; an endless variety of almond cakes, including calzoncelli and mostaccioli, prepared with a hint of cinnamon and candied fruit; Zeppole di S. Giuseppe, flavored with cream and candied black cherry; Scarcella in which sugar, eggs and oil are combined artistically.

The cuisine of Molfetta has remained very attached to its simple roots based on a few basic ingredients, while remaining attentive to the continuous innovations brought by new culinary techniques and new international trends.